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Crossroads Pavilion Event Center

301 34th Ave

Sheldon, IA 51201


OFFICE HOURS: Tuesday-Friday 10AM-12PM and 1PM-4PM

Bar Questions:

Can I have a bar and what is the cost?

To have a bar, we require a $100 bar deposit. The $100 will be refunded if bar sales exceed $500. The refund will be mailed to the tenant a few weeks following your event in the form of a check.

Does Crossroads Pavilion provide bartenders?


Does Crossroads Pavilion provide all of the alcohol?

Yes, the event center provides a full bar including a variety of beer, wine, and liquor.

How many glasses does one keg fill?

The ½ barrel kegs can fill about 175, 12 oz. glasses.

Do you allow alcohol to be brought in?

NO alcohol can be brought on the premises or taken off the premises. All alcohol consumed on the premises must be purchased from the Event Center.

Food Questions:

Do you have a preferred catering list?

We do not have a preferred catering list. We require that the caterer have an Iowa Food Service Establishment license and that we are provided a copy of the license before the event.

Can we bring in our own snacks, cake, punch, etc.?

Yes, you can bring in these types of items. It is only the main meal that must be provided by a caterer with an Iowa Food Service Establishment License.

Do you provide dishes, silverware, water service, with the meal?

We provide these services when you purchase the gold package. With the gold package we also have servers on staff to clear empty plates and fill water pitchers during social hour and dinner.

Will your staff refill snacks, punch, desserts, etc. during the event?

No, since our servers have other duties to perform during the event, they do not refill any food items that the client has brought in.

Facility Questions:

How do I secure my event date?

To secure your event date and space, you must sign the Crossroads Pavilion rental agreement and provide the 50% deposit for the space that you are renting.

When I book my event, will there be another event booked in the facility?

When you rent the whole facility, you are guaranteed to be the only event using the facility. The Crossroads Pavilion great hall has walls that separate the space into three different rooms. If you rent one or two rooms, another event could possibly book whatever space you have not rented. The walls that separate the rooms are fairly sound proof and our audio visual can be separated between the different rooms when the walls are down.

When do I have to choose which package that I want to use?

You must choose the package you want at least 30 days before your event.

When do I need to give my final guest count?

10 business days prior to your event.

Can I increase or decrease my guest count after the 10-business day deadline has passed?

If you have selected the gold or silver package you may decrease your final guarantee but you will still be required to pay for the original number that you submitted. You may increase the number of your final guarantee, but Crossroads Pavilion may not be able to provide additional table linens and napkins. The tenant will have to pay for the increased number of guests.

Can I have my rehearsal at Crossroads Pavilion?

Yes, to have your rehearsal at Crossroads Pavilion you can choose from one of four options:

  • First, you can have your rehearsal at Crossroads Pavilion any time after 8 am on the day that you have rented.
  • Second, you may have your rehearsal the day before your event during our normal business hours if we haven’t booked another event on that day.
  • Third, if we don’t have another event booked the day before your event and you want to have your rehearsal the outside of our normal business hours, there will be a fee of $150 per hour to have a rehearsal. The event center will not be able to confirm availability for rehearsal outside regular business hours until ten business days prior to your event.
  • Fourth, you can rent the facility the day before your event to ensure that you can use the space to decorate and to hold your rehearsal.

Can I decorate the day before my event?

If the Crossroads Pavilion does not have an event scheduled the day prior to your event, you may decorate from 10am-4pm at no charge. Crossroads Pavilion staff will confirm ten (10) business days prior to your event if Crossroads Pavilion does or does not have an event scheduled the day prior to your event. At that time, if there is not another event scheduled on that day, staff will guarantee that you can set up the day prior to your event.

Does Crossroads Pavilion provide chairs for an outdoor ceremony?

No, Crossroads Pavilion does not provide chairs for an outdoor ceremony. However, we can provide information for rental companies from which you can rent outdoor ceremony chairs.

Can I have my ceremony inside the event center?

Yes, we can set up ceremony seating for an indoor ceremony. If Crossroads Pavilion staff is requested to reset tables, chairs, or portable risers during the event, there is a Reset/Transition Fee of $200.00.

What are the sizes and amounts of tables that you have?

These are the number of tables Crossroads Pavilion can provide:

  • 43 round tables with a 6-foot diameter which can seat a maximum of 10 people per table
  • 10 6-foot banquet tables which can seat 3 people on each side and 1 person on the end
  • 15 8-foot banquet tables which can seat 4 people on each side and 1 person on the end
  • 12 cocktail tables with a 31.5 in. diameter and 44 in height.

Do you have coat racks?

Yes, we have built in coat racks in the lobby and also 2 portable coat racks for the hallways.

Can we hang decorations from the ceiling or walls?

No, unfortunately we cannot have anything hung from the ceilings or on the walls.

What are the dimensions of your mantles above the fireplace?

The mantle in the lobby is 10 ft. long and 14 in. wide. The mantle on the other side in the event space is 8 ft. long and 14 in. wide.

Does Crossroads Pavilion have any decorations that we could use?

No, Crossroads Pavilion does not have any decorations in stock. Occasionally, however, we have decorations from a vendor set up depending on the season.

How early can we get in to Crossroads Pavilion on the day of our event?

8 am.

Our wedding reception and/or ceremony is at Crossroads Pavilion, is there space for us to get ready there?

Yes, you may rent the green room and/or boardroom for this purpose.

What time do we have to leave Crossroads Pavilion the night of our event?

11:30 PM will be last call at the bar and then you, your vendors, and your guests have until 12:30 AM to gather your belongings and exit the building.

Can we leave our decorations at Crossroads Pavilion the night of our event and then pick them up the next day?

No, all possessions belonging to the client or any of their vendors must be removed from the property by 12:30 AM.

Will there be a manager on duty during our event?

Yes, all events will have a trained manager on duty.

When will we go over details for our event?

We will schedule a meeting with you about 1 month before your event to go over your event details and layout.

What is included for Audio Visual?

We have projectors in each of the rooms with HDMI hookup. We provide HDMI cords for you to hook your computer up to the projector. We also have an AUX cord if you want to play music through our audio system. We can provide wireless, wired, and headset microphones. We strongly recommend that you bring your own computer to test out the system prior to your event.

Does the event center have public Wi-Fi?


What color linens and napkins does the event center offer?

We offer black, white, and ivory table linens square (85×85) or rectangle (52×114). There is a variety of napkin colors from which you can choose.

What non-alcoholic beverage services do you provide?

If you choose the gold package you will get pitchers of water on each guest table with water goblets at each place setting. The pitchers will be filled and refilled by our staff during the cocktail hour and dinner. We can provide regular and/or decaf coffee for $12 a gallon. We can provide pop and water bottles for $2 a can/bottle.

How many parking spaces are in the parking lot?

116 regular and 6 handicap spaces.

What are Crossroad Pavilion’s regular business hours?

10 am – 12 pm and 1 pm – 4 pm Tuesday through Friday.

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An Exceptional Experience

Crossroads Pavilion is a state of the art event center in Sheldon, Iowa, that provides a wide variety of events, which include banquets, business seminars, concerts, corporate meetings, graduations, performances, reunions, trade-shows, weddings, and other social and community gatherings. Our 14,500 square foot facility is located on the edge of a pond, offering breathtaking views all year around. Crossroads Pavilion can hold up to 750 guests for something such as a concert and can comfortably hold up to 430 guests at banquet tables for receptions or seminars. Crossroads Pavilion is an accommodating venue that focuses on the details of your event. Book your next event at our timeless facility! Schedule a tour and come see what the Crossroads Pavilion has to offer.