Rental Prices

Rental Information

Meeting RoomsSquare FootageBanquetTheaterClassroom (Crescent Rounds, 6 Chairs Per Table)
Whole Facility (O’Brien, Prairie Queen Mill, Sheldon, Boardroom and Green Room)6,899430750258
Great Hall (O’Brien, Prairie Queen Mill and Sheldon Room)6,208410716246
Prairie Queen Mill Room2,976190336108
O’Brien Room1,61610719066
Sheldon Room1,61610719066
Green Room213202015
(Keep in mind factors such as staging, dance floor, buffet lines, accent tables, entertainment, etc. when calculating your space needs)

Rental Price

Whole Facility$1,390.00
Great Hall$1,190.00
Prairie Queen Mill Room$535.00
O’Brien or Sheldon Room$400.00
Sherwood Boardroom $150.00
$250 Cleaning and Damage Deposit for ALL events - refunded after the event if there is no damage done
$100 Bar deposit to have a bar - refunded if your bar tab exceeds $500

Call or email for more details on non-profit, winter and multiple booking commitment pricing!

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