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Rental Information

Meeting Rooms Square Footage Banquet Theatre Classroom (Crescent Rounds, 6 Chairs Per Table)
Whole Facility (O’Brien, Prairie Queen Mill, Sheldon, Boardroom and Green Room) 6,899 430 750 258
Great Hall (O’Brien, Prairie Queen Mill and Sheldon Room) 6,208 420 716 246
Prairie Queen Mill Room 2,976 190 336 108
O’Brien Room 1,616 107 190 66
Sheldon Room 1,616 107 190 66
Boardroom 478 20 42 12
Green Room 213 15

Rental Price

Type Wedding Corporate (Mon-Thurs) Corporate (Fri-Sun)
Whole Facility $1,390.00 $950.00 $1050.00
Great Hall $1,190.00 $700.00 $800.00
Prairie Queen Mill Room $535.00 $375.00 $425.00
O’Brien or Sheldon Room $400.00 $295.00 $325.00
Sherwood Boardroom $150.00 $125.00 $150.00

Call or email for more details on non-profit, winter and multiple booking commitment pricing!

An Exceptional Experience

Crossroads Pavilion is a state of the art event center in Sheldon, Iowa, that provides a wide variety of events, which include banquets, business seminars, concerts, corporate meetings, graduations, performances, reunions, trade-shows, weddings, and other social and community gatherings. Our 14,500 square foot facility is located on the edge of a pond, offering breathtaking views all year around. Crossroads Pavilion can hold up to 750 guests for something such as a concert and can comfortably hold up to 430 guests at banquet tables for receptions or seminars. Crossroads Pavilion is an accommodating venue that focuses on the details of your event. Book your next event at our timeless facility! Schedule a tour and come see what the Crossroads Pavilion has to offer.