Rental Information

RoomsSquare FootageBanquet Seating
Whole Facility (O’Brien, Prairie Queen Mill, Sheldon, Boardroom and Green Room)6,899430
Great Hall (O’Brien, Prairie Queen Mill and Sheldon Room)6,208410
Prairie Queen Mill Room2,976140
O’Brien Room1,61690
Sheldon Room1,61690
Green Room213
(Keep in mind factors such as staging, dance floor, buffet lines, accent tables, entertainment, etc. when calculating your space needs)
430 chairs
43 round tables
15 8 ft. tables
10 6 ft. tables
10 cocktail tables

Rental Price

Whole Facility$1,390.00
Great Hall$1,190.00
Prairie Queen Mill Room$535.00
O’Brien or Sheldon Room$400.00
Sherwood Boardroom $150.00
$250 Cleaning and Damage Deposit for ALL events - refunded after the event if there is no damage done
$100 Bar deposit to have a bar - refunded if your bar tab exceeds $500

Wedding Packages

Other Services

Baby Grand Piano

Our baby grand piano is available for use at your event for no extra charge. Crossroads Staff can schedule a piano player to play at your event if requested, but you are responsible to compensate them.

Beverage Services

Unlimited Lemonade, Water, and Coffee = $.75 per person

Unlimited Lemonade and Water = $.50 per person

Coffee service – $12 per gallon

Crossroads staff will refill the beverages from beginning to end of your event. Beverage service includes plastic cups for lemonade and water, and china cups, creamers, sugars, and coffee straws for coffee. We can do decaf and/or regular coffee.


Outdoor Ceremony: You may have your ceremony outside for no extra charge. However you would have to rent chairs from an outside company. Crossroads Staff can give you recommendations for where to rent chairs. Crossroads Staff would also make a backup plan for you to move the ceremony inside in the case of bad weather.

Indoor Ceremony: There are several different options to choose from if you would like to have an indoor ceremony. If you will need Crossroads Staff to do a reset after your ceremony to the reception there is a $200 fee. Contact Crossroads Staff for more specifics on different ceremony layouts.

Rehearsal Fee

If you are having your wedding ceremony at the Pavilion and would like to have a rehearsal after normal business hours (10AM-4PM), a $150 per hour fee will be charged. There is no charge for having a rehearsal during our normal business hours, or on the day that you have rented. There is no charge for having your rehearsal outside after hours as long as you don’t need to get into the building. We can’t guarantee that you can have your rehearsal the day before your wedding until 2 weeks before.

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